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We Develop Leaders

We are creations of our environment. One of the environments where we spend most of our time is our place of work. Our workplace plays a crucial role in elevating our skills. A claim could be made that, with recent changes, we are mostly working remotely. While this claim might be true, we still continue to interact and engage with people from our work. It is these engagements and interactions that ultimately shape our personality and as a result our future.


Leaders are made, contrary to the widespread claim that “leaders are born.” The process of “leader making” might be slow and cumbersome but it is definitely achievable. Like everything else in life, all it needs is “practice.” It is our workplace where our leadership skills are “practiced” through our engagements and interactions.


Our work facilitates and provides a platform where our leadership skills are ignited, nurtured and developed. Workplace produces a bottom-up leader where personal growth is gradual but solidified through a “practical” process. The growth may not necessarily be a hierarchical ranking but rather a matter of internal substance. This process leads to internalizing the principles, explored at the workplace, within our belief system.

This process is called “Internalizing Identity”.


As a result of this process, we will be developing skills that will last beyond our workplace and extend to every aspect of our life. Therefore, working in a “productive” environment is quite crucial for our life as a whole; an environment where principles are ignited, practiced, nurtured, developed, and internalized.


Following are the three main characteristics of a workplace where leaders are developed:


Sense of Ownership: A work environment where people contribute to the destiny of the organization collectively. In order to achieve a sense of ownership, the workplace is transparent in the involvement and engagement of its people. Basically, ideas are heard and acted upon with full disclosure.


Authority to Decide: Responsibility should come with authority. When responsibility is assigned without authority, it leads to lack of accountability. Otherwise, responsibility eventually becomes a task to be done; not a result to be achieved. How can one be responsible when there is no opportunity to make decisions? Further, lack of authority deprives one to practice accountability which contributes to leadership development.

Sounding Board: A workplace where colleagues use each other as a sounding board. Ideas are brainstormed in a very non-judgmental and comfortable environment. Facilitating a platform where constantly ideas are explored will not only lead to better products but also to better people. The skill to learn from others and share what you have learned are practiced which is a requirement to develop a leader.

At Business Point, we strive to facilitate a productive environment for our people and create a platform where leaders are developed.

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