Now go forth and communicate!

Send a new message

It’s fair to say that maintaining contact with your current, past and future clients is of utmost importance. Keeping an open channel of communication coupled with regular contact keeps your products and services foremost in their minds.

You have plenty of choices of preferred channels to keep the conversation going which should reflect the methods that are in use by your clients. Social media, direct email messages, phone calls and in-person visits will all benefit you when you have a plan to use them that does not consume all of your time while still allowing you the flexibility of being in several (online) places at once.

Consider using a social marketing service such as or to schedule your social media messages and combine your efforts across several channels.

The next question is: what should you say?

Your messages should not only be about your products and services because that will quickly tire your audience.

Surveys show that your promotional messages on social media should be less than 20% of your total message count. Understanding your target client will lead you to understanding their focus and interests and you should invest some time to research the types of messages they post for ideas on how you can cooperate and share with them online.

A quick idea to having readily available content to publish and invite comments about is always the ever-changing world around us. News happens all the time and the events of the day affects us all in many ways. Share your favourite news stories and how you feel they affect you and those around you.

Now go forth and communicate!