We all have a good idea of the traditional office space which involves long-term leases, setting up and paying for monthly utilities, dealing with office equipment, maintenance and furniture expenses and so on.

Shared Office Environment

A shared office environment (also called co-working space) allows businesses to share these common expenses and office equipment, lowering the cost of regular overhead and allowing your business to better manage the costs of your office requirements.

Save Money

You will save money by not having monthly utility and hydro bills, office printer expenses, and other expenses that are usually over and above your traditional office lease costs.

Flexible Office Space

Additionally, Business Point’s shared office space is already furnished and has available meeting room space should you need to host a meeting that requires more room for your guests and the office space is flexible enough to support your requirements as your business grows and you require additional office space.

Increase Your Productivity

Often home-based businesses hit a plateau that negatively impacts productivity and results. This is usually the result of working on your own and being isolated from other working professionals, and not having the time to spend networking and making the connections that a shared office environment can offer you.


Managed costs, increased productivity and networking opportunities are built-in to every Business Point location. To get started on moving your business to one of our business centres (Toronto, Markham or Oshawa) contact us today.