James Hussaini
President, Business Point

James Hussaini has been active in the real estate industry for the last 15 years facilitating commercial transactions and has been leading condo conversion projects since 2006 across Ontario. This has led to a number of commercial business owners realizing the potential of the equity held by their properties and with James’ guidance they were able to turn that equity into profit. He has successfully completed 14 investment projects across the province, covering regions from Oshawa to Orillia and Toronto to Grimsby. Over the years, he transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur, author and educator.

Believing education is power and has the ability to generate wealth – James has made a commitment to sharing his knowledge and expertise in real estate. He is the author of the real estate book “Yours Independently – Transform Your Real Estate Business with a New Team-based Model of Brokerage Ownership”. Here, James reveals a step-by-step of what is needed to achieve a successful business as technology and how consumer expectations transform the real estate industry.

James believes in the power of education, innovation and philanthropy to affect positive change in his business and personal life, and in the lives of those he meets. When he is not running a busy real estate business, he dedicates his time as a board member to a number of organisations that bring unity and prosperity to all.

To learn more about James Hussaini, visit his official website: Hussaini.ca