James Hussaini, President of Business Point, appears as a Guest Speaker at a Real Estate TV Show and answers the following questions:

How I moved from Single Dwelling to Multi-Office Building Investment???

3 Real Estate Investment Strategies:

1.     1. Why I started with Rent & Wait Strategy

a.       Mortgage Pay Down

                                 i.      Advantages

                               ii.      Disadvantage

                              iii.      Is there a positive Cash Flow Property?

                             iv.      Market Appreciation or Forced Appreciation?

                               v.      Should I buy near or far from where I live?

b.      What is the Best Option in this Category?

c.       What about multi-family?

d.      Is Commercial Property Same?

e.      What about Florida?

2.    2.   Why I stopped Adding Value:

a.       Change of Use

                                 i.      Condo Conversion

                               ii.      Land Redevelopment

b.      Why I never considered following:

                                 i.      Flipping?

                               ii.      Pre-Construction Condos?

3. 3.    Why I settled with the best Strategy in Real Estate: Increase Revenue

a.       Increase Income or Decrease Expenses

b.      Therefore, Filling Office Building is my specialty Now