Over the years, Business Point has accumulated substantial experience in property management. We understand how a company’s goal and success can be supported and reinforced with the proper and well-rounded facilities paired with an experienced and knowledgeable staff team.

Business Point
Our Tenants are our Partners
We understand that the cost of your industrial space can be the determining factor of your business location. That’s why we’re not only lower priced than the competition but we offer flexible leases and additional services to give your business an advantage over your own competition.

Seamless Service
We understand that starting a new business or moving your current business can be a stressful and complicated endeavour; figuring out what sizes and configurations you would need, whether or not city zoning permits, ceiling heights and parking all come into consideration. Most, importantly, you just need something that works. From your first inquiry about industrial space to handing you the keys of your brand new unit and beyond, we are with you providing the help and advice you need along the way, so that you can focus on your business, not your business set-up.

Swift Support
Throughout your tenancy we are available in person, by phone and online to support your business every step of the way. Your online tenant’s account has all the documentation you’ll need so you can stop worrying about where your paper copies were filed or whether you’ve reached the right person with any concerns you may have.

Solid System
We’re a lot more than just commercial spaces. Our “Solid System” is built upon the tools that simplify and extend your business in the ways that others do not offer. From our Tenant Management Communication Portal to our Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tools we have the processes in place that will keep your business office running smoothly and your customer relationships happy and growing. A solid foundation to effectively help you manage and grow your business.