At Business Point, we pick and choose the best location to develop our commercial centres. Business owners can purchase a unit / a portion of the larger building before it is even built, either for their own use or as an investment to be leased in the near future. Inquire now to find out how you can purchase brand new commercial space for less than market price.

Why Invest in Industrial Condominium Properties?
Customizable: With pre-construction properties, you have the power to control how you would like to design your unit with the help from Business Point. Perhaps you need extended office space, or a special sprinkler system for the items you are storing, purchasing pre-construction properties will allow you to do just that.

Best Prices: Get what you are looking for but at a lower price. With pre-construction properties, units are sold at a base rate, much more affordable than already built spaces. In addition to deducted condominium fees, mortgage interests, property tax and operating costs, purchase prices of pre-construction condominiums are much more affordable.

Flexibility: owners who are looking to expand in the near future can consider purchasing a larger unit and subletting the excess space until you’re ready for the expansion. This way you can get extra revenue on top of your currently running business!

More time to save up: when purchasing a pre-construction property, builders usually only requires you to make a series of small payments as a deposit of the space, adding up to about roughly 20%. You would not be required to pay the full amount until the time of occupancy, allowing you the time to save up.