Distracted working at home?

Distracted working at home?

Many small businesses start at home because of the convenience of working at home. A 20 step commute sounds great when compared to driving anywhere in the city and the costs are minimal compared to renting out space to work. But there comes a time when your business needs space of its own to be the success you want it to become. The following will help you decide when it’s time to move your home-based business to a more professional space.

Home life and work life are merging too much

Does it feel like you’re always working but accomplishing very little? Or are you constantly being interrupted or distracted and not having the results you expect after “being at work all day”?

You need to meet with customers

Hosting a meeting with customers at your home isn’t the best way to show that your business is stable and capable. Even with dedicated space in your home the identity you put forward can be affected in several unpleasant and unexpected ways in the mind of your customers.

Work things are overtaking your home

Are you shuffling boxes of products and stacks of paperwork from table to table and room to room to make space to actually live in? If inventory is taking over you certainly need to consider additional space to accommodate your current needs.

Your home office affects how you deal with customers

Do you need to be aware of kitchen smells before a customer comes to meet you? Are you cleaning up like a crazy person to be able to put your best business presentation forward before a client rings the doorbell?

When it’s time to move we have the answer

A cost effective office solution is available at Business Point locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We have furnished offices in a shared working environment that is suitable for one person businesses up to small business teams that can benefit from having a dedicated office space solution, including furnishings, office equipment and a lot more at a low monthly inclusive price.