Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the next step and move your business into its own office space.

Manage your office equipment expenses

Manage your office equipment expenses

You’re going to find that clients appreciate the professionalism of meeting with you in your office and the people you network with are going to be impressed with your professional business address.

And prospective clients will have an increased value about dealing with you even if they never come to your office.

The Question: How do you unlock the value of a professional office and still manage your costs?
The Answer: Shared professional office space.

• Shared office space helps to manage costs
• Understanding TMI and leasing cost increases
• Growing your business not your overhead

Office costs aren’t always fixed. There’s this little thing called TMI (Taxes, Maintenance & Insurance) that are calculated annually and added to your square footage leasing costs that are expenses incurred by the building you reside in.

One year your TMI could be low, the next year high, all depending on a variety of factors that can include the age of the building, repair and renovations, and a host of other factors that can impact your leasing costs unexpectedly.

And you’ll need to supply your own office equipment regardless of how much it’s used. Think about a fax machine. Very few businesses these day live and die by fax but you will need one to send and receive faxes when it’s the only communication acceptable. That’s a few hundred dollars, plus consumables that you need to have on hand. Add printers, copiers, cleaning supplies… the list grows quickly.

Shared office space offers a very affordable solution to help you manage costs and “share” the common expenses involved in running a professional office.
As you grow your business from the ground up it’s not necessary to shoulder all of the costs involved with running a professional office yourself, costs that can include furniture, printers and copiers, internet access, office cleaning, and utilities (heat, hydro and water), when the very affordable option of shared professional office space is available to you.

Shared office space offered by Business Point has been created to help you manage your costs even as your company grows. Our office spaces are flexible enough to accommodate your growing requirements and you don’t need to pay for the additional office equipment you need to run your business when access is provided as part of your shared office lease.

You’re taking on enough entrepreneurial risk going into business for yourself, don’t allow unmanaged office expenses to become your downfall.