Limit yourself to do more

Limit yourself to do more

It may seem to be an oxy-moron but by imposing limits on yourself you can actually free yourself to greater accomplishments.

The things you need to do:
• Avoid distractions
• Schedule realistic time periods for the task at hand
• Work in a quiet environment
• When time is up evaluate your progress

Reaching goals requires planning but even more importantly it requires follow-through.

When you sense yourself being pulled in a direction that isn’t fundamental to your goals impose a limit to the time and resources you will dedicate to that particular task so you can get back to your main goal quickly.

If you need a break make it count. Stretch your body to free your mind. Even a small amount of exercise will help you regain focus. Remember, a break isn’t shifting gears or moving onto another task, it’s breathing room for your thought process.