Luck: good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance.

We all know of someone that has luck finding them. What we often miss, besides the obvious really good luck such as a lottery win, is the effort and perseverance that preceded the lucky event.

I’m a firm believer, and you are too I’m sure, that we can build our own luck and turn small events into big successes.

How much you pound the pavement and get the word out about your capabilities and professionalism in all the things you do greatly affects the results you will see. And when a result comes seemingly from out of nowhere, people will call it luck but they aren’t aware of the effort you have put behind it.

The question is: Are you a grinder or do you get ground down?

Consistency is what you need to make your mark in your professional and personal life. Do not waver from what needs to be done and you will find yourself empowered to achieve success that others may call luck.

Stay optimistic when challenges arise, as surely they will. Tackle them with enthusiasm.

Break down your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and rate them for their importance. Dedicate time to the top three tasks that require the most effort and feel the sense of accomplishment overcome you as you complete what is necessary. You’ll be surprised about how having a structured outlook on the big things allows the little things to bring you the success you seek.

Now you’re ready for luck to find you!