Everything impacts sales

Everything impacts sales

From time management to resource procurement, to employee and customer satisfaction, and everything in-between, you need to answer “How will this affect sales?” before making a decision.
• Recognize that every person within an organization has an impact on sales
• All decisions need to answer “How will this impact sales?”
• Understand that there are no jobs without sales whether your job is selling or not

No Sales, No Jobs

Without sales there are no jobs and eventually no decisions will ever need to be made (you’ll be out of business). Establishing “How will this affect sales?” as a condition of any decision, big and small, will impact your business just as much as making a decision without considering how that decision will impact sales.

Do you remember the Kevin Bacon game “6 Degrees of Separation”? The object of the game is to link Kevin Bacon to another actor by counting the number of personal connections is takes to get from one to the other.

Decisions Are Not Disconnected From Sales

Decisions that impact sales can be seen the same way. The decisions we make are not disconnected from all others. Saving money on heating bills can create a cold work environment which then chills employees and affects the disposition of customers, potentially shortening client meeting times and not allowing for full presentations thus forfeiting sales opportunities. You can make the same style of connections with every process that your employees and business goes through.

“How does my current task impact sales?” is a question that many employees and business owners do not ask simply because they don’t see sales being involved with the task at hand. After all, if they are not in the “selling pipeline” they may have no direct interaction with the purchaser of their company’s goods and services and will not recognize their impact.

“How do our business methods impact sales?” allows you to focus on regular tasks that administration staff need to accomplish in a smooth manner that supports other staff in their workday duties. From the cleanliness of the back warehouse to the front sales floor, keeping employees safe and customers comfortable impacts sales.

Measure Your Decisions As ROI of Sales Impact

“How do our lead and sales follow-up methods impact sales?” allows you to focus on how potential and current client information is handled and managed which in turn allows you to measure your return on investment of the resources and information you have that directly impact sales.


No business has unlimited resources and requires no return on investment. Asking “How will this impact sales?” can provide a measureable direction for you to take in every decision.