Plan your responses

If This Then That

How many times have you made the deal without ever having to follow-up on your initial pitch?

If every sale was a one-step process your success would only depend on contacting an ever-expanding number of people. But the business world doesn’t work that way does it? You make contact, you follow-up, you tweak your offer and add recommendations for implementation.

And repeat until you achieve your goal.

It’s a multi-stage process that requires nurturing and effort to be effective.

Using the “If This Then That” (IFTT) rules for follow-up you can speed up your results by having a pre-designed sequence of actions and reactions that can help to push your prospect onto the fast-lane towards making a commitment or relegate them to the slow-lane and maintain just enough contact to keep yourself in the running.

A common sequence is:
1. Initial contact
2. Follow-up
3. Meeting
4. Negotiations
5. Sign the deal

Each step of the sequence has two outcomes, a positive and a negative. Your goal is to create ways to have each negative turn into a positive. You’ll know, through trial and error, what are the correct responses you need to make based on the actions or lack of actions from your prospect.

Now get planning!