Build Your Business Resume

Build Your Business Resume

Most business owners will agree that their business is an extension of themselves, their hopes, dreams and drive to succeed.

Your business does need to stand on its own, however.

No matter how involved you are in your business (and that’s usually 100% for small business owners), the name of your business needs to stand for certain things that speak beyond your personal involvement.
• Honesty
• Capability
• Integrity

Build your recommendations

For every prospect and customer you have, asking them if they know of other businesses and individuals that could use your product or service is the best way to build a professional referral network and build your business resume’s list of recommendations.

Highlight your expertise

Completed projects with details of their goals, milestones and successes should be featured prominently on your business resume. Post these achievements on your social media pages and write press releases that can then be printed and framed to be hung in your office or displayed in a printed book in your office reception area.

Announce motivation for growth

Any business that stands still is going to be overcome by their competition. Your future business success can be relayed in your business philosophy and your planned actions that demonstrate the capability of your business to learn and adapt to the changing priorities of your customers. Craft your growth plan with care and be certain that you can explain how this action system enhances your business goals.


Building your business resume allows everyone involved to better understand the capabilities your business possesses, its past accomplishments and future stability. Whether you publish this to your social media pages, show it off in-house or save it as material to use at networking functions, your business resume provides depth that a mission statement does not contain and allows you to provide a public record of your business activities that customers may not know and prospects will be grateful to learn.