Success can be measured any number of ways, depending what you call “success”.

Money, valued possessions, a strong family life, good friends. All of these are the measuring sticks that we use to explain success.

Success, however, is the realization of your goals, whatever they may be. Success does not define you, you define success.

What others may see as your success may actually matter very little to yourself personally. You may have money but are worried about your health. Money matters little if you cannot enjoy it.

Success requires that you enjoy what you do and have the ability to enjoy the prestige it brings.

Every step that brings you closer to your goals is a brick in the foundation of the success you build.

Real steps to finding your success:
1. Be open and active in the ways you find the answers to the problems that confront you
2. Do not focus on what cannot be done, instead increase your efforts for what can be done
3. Create an atmosphere of determination that breaks down the mountains that may stand in your way
4. Understanding and effectively communicating your purpose will help you to influence others allowing you to reach your goals quickly
5. Put in the time and effort, procrastination will kill your dreams of success minute by minute and day by day

Success may start as a dream but when you can build with a foundation of purpose you will achieve what others thought you could not.